• In iTAcC we offer our patients a center equipped with the
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    The TrueBeam STx is the only non-invasive radiosurgery system in Spain Read More
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    Personalized oncology

    Premier center specialized in personalized cancer treatment with the highest level of scientific recognition Read More
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Located in the center of Madrid, iTAcC has a team of top professionals and the most advanced technology of our country for the treatment of cancer. The institute offers a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to cancer as part of a general hospital with all the facilities and resources to provide our patient a global service.

Truebeam STX

TrueBeam STx

Radiation therapy is one of the most powerful weapons we have to fight cancer. Is the release of a radiation beam which destroys tumors may be used alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. 

Sistema BUZZ

Sistema BUZZ digital OR

It is a sophisticated system to manage images and video signals in consulation. We can see diagnostic images, manage and handle video, sharing and quick access to sources of documentation in connection with treatment design and planification systems.

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