itacc centro

The Institute of Advanced Techniques for Cancer -iTAcC- is a center of excellence in personalized diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Located in central Madrid, iTAcC has a team of top professionals as well as the most advanced technology for the treatment of cancer in Spain. The Institute offers a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to cancer, forming part of a general hospital offering all the services and resources necessary to provide patients with comprehensive assistance.

iTAcC is known for its personalized approach throughout the entire process. It starts from the first diagnosis. Our team of professionals work together to provide the most effective treatment with the highest level of scientific recognition and the latest technology. This gives the patient a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment in Spain. Two proven factors:

Personal approach

  • Treatments are tailored to the characteristics and needs of each patient.
  • Increase the survival rate of patients and the incidence of tumors.

The coordination of iTAcC with other hospital services is important in providing the patient and family members with a schedule of medical tests, office visits and treatment sessions, all of which is perfectly organized and adjusted to each patient’s needs.