Medical professionals

The Institute of Advanced Techniques against Cancer – -iTAcC – is an open center where you, a medical professional, may treat your patients using the most advanced technology in Europe.



The Institute of Advanced Techniques against Cancer is a center of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Located in central Madrid,  iTAcC is an open center which has the most advanced linear accelerator in the world, the True Beam STx with Novalis Technology, a system which is unique in Spain and one of only a few available in Europe for the treatment of tumors with submillimeter accuracy.

What is an Open Center?


iTAcC is an open center based on smooth cooperation with the specialists who have participated in the diagnosis (center professionals and external specialists) and in the treatment.

This operating method allows patients to be treated by a multidisciplinary team (which is sometimes not possible in their original center), thus maintaining: