What is an Open Center?


iTAcC is an open center based on smooth cooperation with the specialists who have participated in the diagnosis (center professionals and external specialists) and in the treatment.

This operating method allows patients to be treated by a multidisciplinary team (which is sometimes not possible in their original center), thus maintaining:

  1. Communication and contact with “their” doctor
  2. The structure and resources of a general hospital
  3. Access to the best technology currently available for treating cancer.

This allows patients to maintain the reference of the specialist with whom they began the process and we can therefore avoid the feeling of “dispersion” and uprooting which happens in the case of “referred” patients, while at the same time providing continuity to the process and speeding up all the stages.

As an open center and given that every tumor and every patient require a customized approach and treatment, in iTAcC we strive to adapt to the needs and requirements of each case, always with the ultimate objective of offering the best possible treatment without delays.

Forms of cooperation

Medical Specialties

If in the process of diagnosing one of your patients a tumor is suspected, you can contact us in order to confirm the diagnosis. We have the most advanced diagnostic technology and a Genetic Counseling Unit, as well as a Multidisciplinary Committee with extensive experience in handling more complex cases. You will participate and be present throughout the process and punctually informed as a member of the committee.

Specialists in Medical Oncology

If you are a medical oncologist, you can treat your patient in the Oncological Radiotherapy Department of iTAcC, following the same procedure as if you were in your centerFind out how to do this.

Specialists in Radiation Oncology

  1. If you have undergone training to use a True Beam STx with Novalis Technology, you can carry out the treatment in our center by paying the corresponding fees.
  2. If you have a patient who you think might benefit from the accuracy and strength of the True Beam STx with Novalis Technology, you can send the patient for treatment at iTAcC and control the entire process from the prescription of the treatment up to discharge.