Personalized oncology

At iTAcC oncological treatment is personalized by integrating all the resources science has to offer

The personalized approach by iTAcC’s team includes all the specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment process of each patient as well as getting the most out of all the resources offered by science with one objective:  to cure the patient or improve the patient’s survival rate and quality of life.

iTAcC employs the latest techniques offered by the constant progress of the scientific fields (genetics, biology, molecular pathology or the technological development of irradiation systems and robotics) in order to obtain optimal results in cancer treatment.

iTAcC’s multidisciplinary committee evaluates each one of these techniques and uses them according to an individualized treatment regimen, in function of:

  •     Clinical characteristics
  •     Histological type of tumor
  •     Genetic alterations
  •     Physical and emotional state