Dr. Rodrigo García Alejo

Dr. Rodrigo García Alejo

Dr. Rodrigo García Alejo is one of the top experts in Radiation Oncology in the Community. He was trained in the main centers in Radiation Oncology of international reference such as the Leon Berard Lyon HospitalGoustave-Roussy Hospital of Paris (France), Summit Hospital in Oakland, California (US), the Karolinska Institute Stockholm (Sweden), Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia (US) and the Charité Hospital in Berlin (Germany) and the Miami Cyberknife Center.

Dr. García-Alejo has always been credited for championing the implementation of the latest developments and personally bringing the latest techniques in cancer treatment to Spain. In 1994 he introduced high-rate brachytherapy in Spain and created work groups to formalize this technique. He led the first team that applied the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in 2000 for the first time in Spain.  He created and led the initial team that implemented the first Cyberknife system in Spain. In 2009, he directed the implementation of the Arcoterapia RapidArc Volumetric Intensity Modulated (V-MAT) system and has been one of the pioneering teams in the implementation of image-guided radiotherapy.

He directed the Oncological radiotherapy department in the Hospital Rúber Internacional for 19 years.  Since 2013, he has directed a team of professionals in iTAcC with vast experience in cancer treatment which includes employing the most advanced and precise equipmentavailable in Spain today: TrueBeam STX.

Presently, his work is focused on the area of hypo-fractionated treatment (prostate, breast, lung, pancreas) and radiation surgery (brain, lung, liver).

He is known also for his experience and professional career as an advisor to the Madrid Community Government on Oncological Radiotherapy material.  He is a member of one of the principal international associations of Oncological Radiotherapy.

He is a member of the following scientific associations:

  • Groupe Europeen de Curietherapie
  • European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
  • American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
  • Sociedad Mexicana de Cancerología (honorary member)
  • Cyberknife Society” certified in the “Cyberknife training program”  in 2006
  • Novalis “Circle.

Founder and President of the Fundación Avances Contra el Cáncer.